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Advanced Solutions Group

About ASG

The Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) is a leading research and development team at the University of South Carolina that designs and implements advanced software solutions to information problems.

ASG delivers complete information solutions for university, government, and corporate sponsors. Secure, web-enabled databases and data warehouses ensure reliable information management. Visualization tools such as geographic information systems (mapping), reports, and scientific modeling add power and depth. Real-time access through web portals, text-to-speech interfaces, and speech recognition brings data to life.

With an eye to the future, ASG specializes in planning flexible, scalable solutions designed to advance with evolving standards and changing needs. ASG supports learning and training through graphical interfaces and multimedia tools to help quickly understand and move forward with new technologies.

Our Mission

To be acknowledged as the state's premiere information management solution.

Our Capabilities

ASG works on the leading edge of information research and technology development. While constantly testing new technology trends, ASG uses proven tools—powerful hardware with proprietary and open-source software—to build flexible, reliable, and open solutions that adhere to industry standards. Strong project management and strategic business support ensure rapid development and deployment of workable systems.


  • Large Relational Databases and Data Warehouses
  • Web and Wireless Interfaces with Security Features
  • Voice Interfaces with Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition
  • Geographic Information Systems for Data Visualization
  • Scientific Modeling Tools for Data Exploration
  • Automated Notification and Reporting


  • IBM RS/6000 SMP computers and a 48-node SP2 supercomputer with IBM AIX
  • 48-node Linux cluster
  • Intel-based servers with Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP, and Linux

Commercial Software

  • Java/JSP/Servlet and J2EE for building web applications
  • Oracle Relational Database Management System and Developer Suite
  • IBM DB2 UDB EEE for data warehouses
  • Brio for data mining
  • Microsoft C/C++, ASP, and Visual Basic for system integration, IIS for web systems, and Microsoft SQL Server
  • SAS for statistical analysis
  • ARC/INFO and other GIS products for geographical mapping and modeling
  • Mathematica, Macsyma, and Fortran for mathematical and scientific modeling
  • Imaging solutions for digital photography, scanning, and document management
  • Intel Dialogic telephony API for telephony-database interfaces

Open Source Software

  • Apache Tomcat Server, Struts MVC Framework, and Velocity Template Engine for web systems
  • PostgreSQL Relational Database Management System

Our Role Within the University


ASG is a catalyst for advanced information research and development at the University of South Carolina. Launched in 1991 by Dr. Joseph E. Johnson, ASG is a program to solve difficult practical problems through advanced research methods and innovative technology solutions.


Since its inception, ASG’s successes include more than sixty-six projects and twelve million dollars in awards from federal, state, and corporate sponsors in such diverse fields as justice, defense, and emergency management. ASG’s growth includes the founding in 2000 of a separate research division, the Complex Problems Group, and the establishing of a training ground for one of the first USC incubator companies, E811 Inc., which graduated in 2002.


ASG looks to the future to understand the concept and use of information in many research fields and industries. ASG offers solutions to meet these challenges for the university, government, and corporate environment through technology development and knowledge discovery.

Learn more about ASG direction from Dr. Johnson’s home page.

People and Facilities


An exceptional staff is the cornerstone of ASG’s success. Expert computer programmers, system architects, researchers, business managers, and media professionals contribute to research, develop, and support ASG information solutions. The group draws on the University’s research faculty who participate in projects and provide consultation. ASG also taps top-level students to assist in project development.


Group facilities encourage professional, open communication and creative problem solving. The main offices are located in the Devine Street Research Center, one of the first USC buildings dedicated to house research groups. Additional offices in the Jones Physical Sciences Center provide space for complex theoretical and applied research. With more than 8500 square feet, ASG has room to build optimal solutions.


Dr. Joseph E. Johnson is the Director of the Advanced Solutions Group.


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